We help systems and organizations
  • Develop and validate tools for measuring latent variables, such as performance culture, engagement, civility, and diversity acceptance.
  • Identify potential metrics, refine them, create the infrastructure to produce them, and present results in ways useful to key decision-makers.
  • Collect data through surveys, large group assessments, focus groups, and key informant interviews.
We help systems and organizations
  • Do more with their existing data by managing it to support longitudinal analyses, group comparisons, and comparisons to benchmarks.
  • Exploit government data to better understand their markets, project policy impact, and improve organizational outcomes.
  • Model their clients, processes, and outcomes by using sophisticated tools such as generalized mixed linear models and structural equation models.
  • Conduct evaluation studies and policy research.
We help systems and organizations
  • Implement data-informed and data-driven decision-making by providing training and facilitating organization development interventions.
  • Build logic models that describe the short- and intermediate term outcomes that will help you meet your performance metrics.
  • Identify stakeholders and include them in planning.