Success Stories From Employment Services
  • A highly visible summer employment program for youth was imperiled. A corporate leader agreed to convene a planning process. We facilitated the process and led the group toward the development of a logic model that can be characterized as shifting the focus of the program from providing a shallow level of services to many teens to providing intensive services to a fewer number of teens. The key analytic result was to demonstrate the lack of commitment among the stakeholders for the previous program model.

  • A regional workforce investment board (WIB) asked us to conduct similar surveys, five years apart, of employment service providers. The first showed that virtually none of the service providers could document how many people they placed in jobs. The key analytic result was the finding that providers were concentrating on the wrong metric. The findings led the WIB to demand that providers concentrate more on documenting placements, not just services. By the time the second survey was done, nearly all providers were able to document placements and the WIB was able to take its strategy to another level by starting to urge providers to document not just placements, but retention.