Success Stories From Children's Services
  • A children services organization received a grant to create a business plan for upgrading a street outreach program for young adults into a 24-hour a day program that could provide emergency shelter. Based on quantitative data for 18-24 year-olds from the county's Homeless Management Information System and on qualitative data from benchmarking site visits and key informant interviews, we created a plan that was endorsed by the county's Continuum of Care organization and funded by a donor. The key analytic result was our demonstrating the distinct service needs of 18-24 year-old young adults as compared to those of older men and women.

  • A state office for adoption services was concerned that it would be penalized by the federal government as a result of the state's performance on a metric that called for the state to gain permanent custody of children in a timely fashion after the children had been removed from their homes because of parental abuse of neglect. We convened a meeting of stakeholders and facilitated a process of identifying all the events that have to occur before the courts can award permanent custody. Once we had done this it became obvious that the adoption system could not be successful meeting this metric without improved response from the courts. The key analytic result was an improved system understanding of how the metric worked and what levers were available for improving performance.